Unlike Fire Mountain Brew House Outlaw Brew House breaks the rules of norm in the brewing world.

In our mashing process temps PH and length of time I use is not the norm for brewing. Simple, it works.

I feel after trying our great Ales you will agree that some rules are meant to be broke.

Like Fire Mountain Brew house, Outlaw has a tradition of brewing quality Ales from the best malts in the world. We only use the best hops From Oregon, Washington, Germany and the Czech Republic. Water is a critical component in brewing. Without pristine water you can’t begin to brew great beer. We lucked out. Our water is to say the least wow!

So why another name? Outlaw has been brewing great Ales on and off since Fire Mountain Brew House has and before. It was also my home brew name in 1999. Some of my Favorites have been Uncle Teds Dark Ale, Cold Cold Billy Double India Pale Ale and our newest; Single Malt German Blond Ale. Single malt is significant because all of our Ales use three to seven different malts except our German Blond. These Ales except for our German Blond were kegged only and limited in supply. Cold Cold Billy is now being bottled and later this year our German Single Malt and Uncle Teds Dark Ale will also be in glass.

Everyone has a little Outlaw in them! So for beer lovers everywhere we put a little Outlaw in kegs and bottles. We hope you will enjoy these great Ales as we do.


Located at: 10800, NW Rex Brown Rd, Carlton OR 97111 | Phone: 503.852.7378
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